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This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Rev_War_Newspaper_Template  This link here, is something I had to put in for school, so if you want to check out my Revolutionary War Newspaper, feel free too. But other than that, its just a little add on.

Okay, so today i am just going to chill around the house and not do anything THAT important. Just doing my homeschooling routine, spend some time on a computer or a T.V. I know that sounds lazy, but don’t worry, I get a limited amount of screen time each day. Today, I have 1 hour of media, and tomorrow the same. Speaking of which, tomorrow, I have a doctors appointment at 11:00, and ballet at 4:30, but then before all that i have NOTHING going on. I don’t have anything going on after that either, but i do have homeschooling tomorrow too, and an hour of media, but let’s go back to today. I am writing this blog for homeschooling too, but I think that if I get several followers, I will write separately from my school. Here is a tip for families who do homeschooling. Go to Easy Peasy All-in-One-Homeschool for a free online homeschool curriculum. The curriculum has links in the subject that you click, and it brings you to the site that she wants you to go to. When I say she, I am meaning Lee Giles, the woman who made the curriculum. Anyways, now i am going to talk about yesterday. Yesterday, my mom woke me up to go to church (usually I wake up on my own, but the daylight savings time KILLS me!). I had to get dressed two times because  my first outfit was two small on me, but then I changed into a redish-purple dress with a shrug, and black belt, and boots. So we went to church and my dad, (the pastor) spoke a little and then a brought up a couple who the husband had a REALLY, REALLY BAD truck smash, and he was sharing his testimony and how God saved his life. So then after that, our cousins who live only 20 minutes away, came over for lunch and I was FaceTimeing my friends while I was playing Animal Jam. Then after my cousins left, my mom and dad went on a walk and when they came home, we watched the second half of the second Hobbit. So, now that you have heard my ride on each of these recent days, I will end now and write again tomorrow, so stay tuned for the next blog post of mine. Thanks guys!

Author: mydailyridedotblog

I am 11 years old now and I have two brothers and one sister. I am the 2 middle child in the family, and my parents were missionaries in Ireland for 2 years. That's where my mom had my 8 year old sister Kate.

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