March 27, 2017

Today. Is. Monday. 😦    Nope! I am NOT going to take it that way. Today, I am going to find something special to do all by myself that’s fun, creative, and takes up my time in a good way! I have no idea what that’s going to be, but in the comments below, you could give me some suggestions on what to do today, but I am sure I will think of something or find something on Pinterest, but I am going to be positive in every way. So, does anyone know what a vlog is? I do. It is a video blog. It usually only works on YouTube, but if you want to find a good vlog on YouTube, go to the Sam and Nia  channel. Click on it to go to the link. There vlog is the cutest thing! Don’t worry, I am not being paid to advertise, not that I would want to, but anyways, please give me your opinion on me doing a vlog. So anyways, yesterday was really fun! That morning, I had to get up early at 7:15 in the morning, because I had to do slides for my church. Go to the website at this link. (Living Church) My dad is the pastor there. Anyways, so we went to Church and we got there and then we practiced and then the sermon, the time for us to go home because I had a volley ball game that day at 1:30 pm. There was only 4 people who showed up on my team, and seven on the other team that we were up against. We lost obviously, but we did really well! So then after that, we cam home and ate lunch,(pizza) and then me and my cousin played Fifa 14. That link was for the Xbox 360, but ours was on an Xbox 1. So, we played that then they left, then i watched a few videos of Sam and Nia. The link is up there when I first mentioned it. So then, i read a book called, “Dash – of – Magic”. Then I had to go to bed, but anyways that was my ride for yesterday. Stay tuned in for more of My Daily Ride! Thanks guys!


Author: mydailyridedotblog

I am 11 years old now and I have two brothers and one sister. I am the 2 middle child in the family, and my parents were missionaries in Ireland for 2 years. That's where my mom had my 8 year old sister Kate.

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