March 31, 2017

YAY!!!!!! FRIDAY!!!! I ❤ Friday!!!! It’s finally the weekend!!!!! So today, well more like tonight, I am having family night with my family! Well obviously it has to be my family. I can’t have family night by myself! So we are going to watch a movie but I don’t know what it is yet. I am sure we will decide on something. So anyways, ya we have family night tonight, but nothing else really. I am going to probably stay in my p.j.s for most of the day but I mean its worth it right? Tell me in the comments below what special things you do on Friday or Saturday. Speaking of which, tomorrow/Saturday is a fun day! Me and my family might go to a museum or something like that! I am really excited though cause tomorrow, there is no school, no pressure, just a FREE DAY!!!!! But, well I kinda have to do school here soon, but I will keep writing for a little bit. So yesterday, my sister was sick, and before she became sick, we made plans to go to our friends house and play soccer with roller skates on. We invented it and called it ROCCER!!! It’s pretty fun actually. But anyways, Kate my sister got sick so we couldn’t do that, but other than that, we really didn’t do anything yesterday except school, and school and that’s pretty much it! So thanks guys for following me! Remember to favorite my posts, (you don’t have too) and comment! (you don’t have to do that either) Thanks guys!


Author: mydailyridedotblog

I am 11 years old now and I have two brothers and one sister. I am the 2 middle child in the family, and my parents were missionaries in Ireland for 2 years. That's where my mom had my 8 year old sister Kate.

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